glass blocks in a kitchen

Designing And Building With Glass Blocks

Glass blocks have been used in building and design for many centuries. The first use of glass in architecture is thought to rest with the Roman Empire in AD100. This versatile material can be used in any building to create designs from the functional to the visually spectacular.

When it comes to designing and building with glass, one of the simplest yet most versatile ways of utilising glass is in the form of glass blocks. Glass blocks can be used both internally and externally and wherever they are placed the way in which they transmit and refract light allows the designer to maximise the sense of light and space creating beautiful and always unique living and working spaces. Where privacy is paramount opaque glass blocks can be selected, retaining light and vibrancy whilst protecting privacy.

Glass blocks are suitable for both commercial and residential purposes and can be used to fill window openings, form dividing walls, external walls, in the creation of shower cubicles, bars, terraces, and desks. In fact the design potential for the use of glass blocks in any construction is limited only by your imagination.

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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

The effect created by glass blocks is ultimately a purely visual experience, so to get an idea for yourself of the utterly beautiful work that can be created using glass blocks please CLICK HERE to visit our extensive photo gallery.