Glass Block Accessories

For traditional assembly we recommend the following items:


Grey or White mortar ClaroGlass (replaces joint filling)


Corrosion-protected reinforcement in the form of rods or ladders

Distance Crosses

To construct arch walls use distance crosses on joints available in 10 mm and 6mm sizes

Construction can be facilitated by using the Lux-Professional system, available in white and ash. The Lux-Professional system is not a construction system, it only facilitates assembly and replaces joint filler. It is composed of three elements:

Horizontal Connectors

Horizontal connectors - 2.6 m long

External Slats

External slats - 2.6 m long

Vertical Connectors

Vertical connectors - 19 cm long

A wall with at least one exposed side can be finished with mirror tiles or finishing slats:

Mirror Tiles

Mirror Tiles

Finishing Slats

Finishing Slats

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